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One of our regulars has a habit of referring to anything I cook that he likes as "This is not too terrible". The rest of the Tea and Chi crew has adopted this form of complementing and now refers to everything I cook that they like in the same way. This week though we hired Clint and he's not caught on to underhanded complimenting yet. One taste of the hummus sandwich and he exclaimed "Hummus soooo good it could be a cheeseburger!" This may be my favourite complement of the year!

Clint will be keeping Tea and Chi open until 9 pm on Friday and Saturdays. We are starting our extended hours tomorrow with a cheese and tea pairing. I'll report more on that next week. In the mean time here are the Yunnan tea notes.

With that, Yunnan teas:

China Golden Yunnan: A pretty tea with lots of tips. Dark gold cup, dry up front, brisk, crisp and woody with notes of honey and smoke. I was rather surprised by the complexity of this tea considering how inexpensive it is.

Yunnan Gold Tips: Just tips! Lovely, well sorted, golden leaves covered in down (bai hao). Light golden cup with strong milk chocolate notes, creamy, rich and smooth.


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