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Black Tea (6)

Energy one sip at a time. Black tea is produced via a four step process. Freshly harvested tea leaves are withered, rolled, oxidized and finally fired. Generally the longer the leaf oxidizes the softer the taste. Black teas yield brews that are generally higher in caffeine and stronger in body.

Fruit Teas (4)

Solace one sip at a time. No actual tea involved but the aroma! A favorite of children and grandmas alike. Caffeine free and wonderful with a spoonful of honey. After brewing try using the tea leaves in cookies or breads

Functional and Herbal Teas (21)

Functional teas are teas designed to provide benefits beyond basic nutrition and the sheer enjoyment of tea. Although there is ample evidence that all teas, to some extent fulfill this description the teas that follow were formulated with specific needs in mind.

Green Tea (5)

Longevity one sip at a time. You've read the articles, seen the research, heard friends talk. It's all true! Green tea maybe the single, best thing you can do for your health and, we think, the most enjoyable. Green tea production is a three step process, freshly plucked leaves are steamed, rolled and fired. They are not allowed to wither and oxidize like leaves intended for black tea and retain a much higher level of antioxidants and lower levels of caffeine and oxalates.

Oolong (3)

Bliss one sip at a time. Arguably the finest of all teas, oolongs are a cross between a black and a green tea combining the best of both. They tend to have more body than green teas but are more subtle than the blacks. To produce oolongs the tea leaves are withered, rolled, semi-oxidized, and then fired. The flavors can be fruity or flowery and tend to linger and change with multiple, successive steepings. Orange to light green coloured with wonderful perfume. Many of our oolongs are hand selected for us from small estates and are only available seasonally. If you are a fan of these teas please ask us what else might be available.

Puer, Pu-ehr, Puer/Yerba Mate Combos, Fat Burners (12)

Health; one sip at a time. A long kept Chinese secret Pu Ehr teas are pile fermented and, often, aged for sometimes decades. They have only recently become available in the West. Pu Ehrs are made with Dayeh, a special, large leafed strain of Camellia sinensis, grown in temperate regions and harvested year round. Leaves from older trees are highly prized. Harvested and withered like black tea or just bruised like greens, they are, while still moist, heaped into piles for a natural fermentation. The piles are constantly turned to avoid excessive heat and moisture. Pu Erhs have a strong, distinctive flavors and are believed to be particularly beneficial for lowering cholesterol, aiding indigestion, preventing diarrhea, cleansing the blood and even curing a hang over! Wonderfully soothing after a big, heavy meal. Pu-ehr tea is sold loose and in compressed form as cakes, bricks or nests (tuocha)

Rare Teas (5)

We believe that the spirit of the tea is imparted to the leaves in many stages. It comes from the soil, the rain, the sun and the mists in the mountains where the plants grew. It also comes from the care, knowledge and art of the garden master, which is often multigenerational. It comes from the hands that carefully pick, roll, bruise, wither, turn, tie and fire the leaves at just the right time in just the right way. It comes from the careful packaging, shipping and storage of the leaves and, finally, it comes from the care, love and energy you put into preparing each and every cup. The teas we include in this section are the teas with the most spirit. They are often rare and hard to obtain. They are usually here for a short time and then they are gone. If we are able to get a tea with the same name again it won't taste exactly the same, much as a fine wine differs from harvest to harvest. Please enjoy them while they are here. Although we know you?ll miss them when they are gone we hope you'll look forward to the next season and the next harvest as much as we do.

Rooibos and Honeybush Teas (32)

Rooibos Teas: Well-being one sip at a time. Rooibos, or red tea, comes from a small bush native to South Africa. Recent studies show rooibos has anti-tumor and anti-aging properties. Naturally caffeine and oxalate free and is even suitable for young children. It contains oligosaccharides, which are simple sugars, that have anti viral properties and also give the brew a naturally sweet taste. Rooibos has been shown to help relieve allergies, nervous tension and stomach cramps. It promotes healthy skin, teeth and bones. Naturally sweet, it makes wonderful hot or iced tea and once you're done brewing, give the tea leaves to your potted plants. They'll love you for it!

White Teas (2)

The most delicate of teas, it is produced in a two step process. The leaves are steamed and dried without rolling or firing, resulting in a tea that has virtually no caffeine and a subtle, vegetal, mildly sweet and lingering taste. Highest content of polyphenols and a true pleasure for the tea aficionado.

Yerba Mate (3)

Vitality one sip at a time. Made from the leaves of Ilex paraguarencis, this is a native of South America where it is valued for its many health benefits as well as its taste. It is the national drink of Argentina where it is sipped all day long from gourds. It is believed to rejuvenate and energize, stimulate mental alertness, contribute to weight loss, accelerate healing, relieve stress, calm allergies and fortify the immune system.

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