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Welcome to Tea and Chi's home on the web. We turn to tea for the quiet moment, for the comfort of the taste and the aroma, for the little lift it gives us, for the health benefits, for the companionship of it. We drink tea for the "chi" the "vital energy" it provides.  It's not just a beverage; it's our way of life.

At Tea and Chi we offer some of the world's finest loose leaf teas, tisanes and tea accessories.  Our teas are imported from all around the world.  We carry over 200 fine, plain and naturally flavoured, black, oolong, green, white, rooibos, lapacho, yerba mate, fruit and herbal teas as well as everything you need to brew the perfect cup, or gallon, of tea.

We love tea and love talking about it.  Let us know which tea you like or what you want the tea for.  We'll find one or two to suit your needs.  Or just stop by and inhale the aroma. You'll find us in the heart of downtown Vero Beach tucked next to the historical Vero Beach Theatre.

You can purchase by the pot or by the ounce.  We carry organic and Fair Trade teas, single estate, rare teas, and a large assortment of expertly flavoured tea and tisanes.  We boast one of the largest selections of rooibos teas anywhere.

Enjoy an afternoon with friends sharing a pot of tea and scones, a chai latte or some bubble teas.  Come investigate the many forms, smells and flavours or the latest tea, teapots and accessories.  Take a few ounces of tea home, share, and enjoy!

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