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Blended to aid with the removal of toxins and pathogens and to restore balance. Rooibos: High in anti-oxidants. Lapacho: Used to remove heavy metals, candida and fungal infections. Milk Thistle: Used for its hepatoprotective properties. Hibiscus leaf: Used to improve circulation and to dissolve phlegm. Mild diuretic and laxative effects. Nettle: Used as a vVial inhibitor, anti-rheumatic and to increase urine flow. Birch: Used to flush out bacteria, clean the urinary tract and purify the blood. Ginger: Used to increases tone and peristalsis of intestine. Oatstraw: Used to prevent skin inflammations, tonic. Sarsaparilla: Used to protects the skin and kidneys. Red clover: Used as an expectorant and to promote healthy skin. Hawthorn: Used to reduces blood pressure and rapid heartbeat. Horsetail: Used against kidney and bladder stones and UTI’s. Cornflower: Used to treat candidiasis and to stimulate liver and gallbladder function. Peppermint: Used in cleansing the liver and kidneys

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