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Finest Jasmine Pearls

Finest Jasmine Pearls

Shaped into a "pearl" by rolling two leaves and a bud and then scenting with jasmine flowers this exquisite tea from the Fujian province has a sweet flavour and strong jasmine aroma. The pearls unfurl into the classic "two leaves and a bud" carteful spring picking right in your cup or teapot.

Yin Hao Jasmine

Yin Hao Jasmine

Yin Hao means "silver tip" and it denotes the quality of the base tea used to scent with jasmine flowers. The intensity of the scent, if the flavouring is not artificial, comes from the number of nights the tea leaves were layered with fresh jasmine blossoms which are removed each morning for the process to be repeated. Our yin hao is our strongest scented jasmine, smooth and refreshing but without the cloying, perfumed nature of artificially flavoured jasmines. By the way, it makes an excellent iced tea.


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