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      Blended to ease the many symptoms of menopause and to strengthen and protect women's bodies of a certain age. Pleasant, aromatic herbal taste.

      Chasteberry: Used to alleviate menopausal complaints and to treat sexual neurasthenia. Black Cohosh: Used to suppress LH secretion without effecting FSH. And to reduces hot flashes and psychological distress. Relaxes uterine tissue. Sage: Used as an anti-hypertensive, perspiration inhibitor. May help reduce hot flushes. Acts on CNS. Dandelion root: Used as an aid in dyspepsia and to prevent, UTIs, and support the liver and gallbladder. Red clover: Very high in isoflavones. Ginseng: Used to improve cognitive function, antineoplastic, antioxidant, to increase stamina, reduce fatigue and to aid in concentration. Chamomile: Acts on CNS. Used to reduce aggressive behavior. Schizandra: Used as an anti-inflammatory, tumor inhibiting compound and to increase physical performance. Raspberry leaf: High in flavonoids. Used to protect the cardiovascular system. Fennel: Used to stimulates gastro-intestinal motility. Ginger: Used to stimulates the immune system and tone the intestinal tract. Anti-inflammatory. Cocoa Bean: Besides the obvious, it is used to stimulates cardiac muscle performance and act as a mild muscle relaxant. Rooibos: Used to controls sugar levels, high in antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Birch Bark: Used to protects kidneys and bladder and to reduces pain. Peppermint: Aids in liver and gallbladder dyspepsia.


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