2012 Chun Yun Bingcha Pu'er


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      This shou (cooked or ripened) pu'er cake was produced in 2012 in the Yunnan province of China, using traditional methods and equipment. This is where this tea stops being traditional. We met the Chinese businessman who produces these teas. Each year he leaves the comfort of his office and travels to Burma, cash in hand. After paying the "appropriate fees" to the authorities, he travels high into the Burmese mountains where the ancient, wild, dayeh tea trees can be found. There he employs local families to harvest these leaves, providing much needed income to areas that desperately need it. He then transports the leaves to Yunnan where they will be processed into pu'er. It's a labor of love. We didn't know the story when we tasted the tea but it immediately caught our attention. It's robust, complex, thick on the tongue, curiously fruity and spicy and it will continue to improve with age. It makes a shockingly good iced beverage. And you'd be helping families support themselves in a very sustainable way.

      Each cake weighs 350 grams (12.6 oz) but we are able to break up cakes and sell samples of 1 or 2 ounces so you too can fall in love with this tea.

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