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      Theobroma Cacao – Food of the Gods / Food for the Shift

      Come partake in a Cacao Ceremony and discover why Cacao was revered as a deity for centuries by almost all of the peoples of Mesoamerica. It was so valued for its nutritional and psychoactive properties that it was traded as currency. One of the most dense superfoods on the planet, in this 100% pure, unprocessed, untempered, unadulterated form, Cacao, aka "real chocolate", is a "heart-opening" plant medicine. On a physiological level, it is a cardiovascular stimulant and a vasodilator, flooding your body and brain with 30% more oxygenated blood, providing you with a surge of gentle, sustainable energy, clarity of mind and effortless engagement while softening and supporting your emotional state allowing you to go within and connect with self and others from a place of less fear and more love.

      The Ceremony is held by Ianthi Sparsis, a seasoned Cacao Practitioner and Ceremonialist, accredited Chakradance facilitator and Reiki Master with many years of training in meditation, embodiment work, shamanic rites, and the ancient practices of women frame drummers. Ianthi holds group ceremonies, cacao circles, and 1-on-1 sessions on her native island of Cyprus and online. En route home, she is in Vero Beach for a short time, having just completed her third annual 10-day Cacao Immersive Retreat in San Marcos La Laguna, Guatemala.

      Ianthi works with Keith's Cacao, the original and world's finest ceremonial grade cacao, harvested from non-hybridized under-canopy trees in the same coastal rainforests in Guatemala that were preferred by the ancient Mayan, Aztecs, Toltec, and Olmec civilizations. The cacao beans, which are selected with the intention of being used ceremonially, are lightly toasted and hand-peeled by the local women, then ground and packaged with nothing added and nothing extracted, resulting in the world's finest, highest vibration ceremonial Cacao that best supports personal growth, spiritual exploration, deep inspiration, and connection.

      A full ceremonial dose will be served. To get the maximum out of this Cacao Ceremony experience, please abstain from coffee and ensure you have finished your last meal at least two hours before the starting time. Abstaining from alcohol and other mood-altering substances the day and night before is also a good idea!

      Please talk to Ianthi before the Ceremony if: a) you are on anti-depressants b) you are taking heart medication or have a pacemaker c) a doctor has recommended you avoid fermented foods d) are pregnant or breastfeeding. Call 772-559-5473 with questions.

      Date and time: Sunday, March 10th, from 4 to 5:30

      Venue: Raw Space, 1795 Old Dixie Hwy

      What to bring: Bottle of water Cushion or Yoga mat A standard-size cup/mug (250ml)

      Footnote: Ceremonial Cacao has psychoactive properties but is not a psychedelic. It will not take you on a trip; you will remain fully embodied throughout the experience. As the founder of Keith's Cacao, the world's beloved Chocolate Shaman and catalyst for the modern-day Ceremonial Cacao movement, always said: "Cacao will lead you to the door but will not push you through it". Should you decide to cross the threshold, the Spirit of Cacao will ensure you go wherever you go with more love and less fear. She will show you your power without ever overpowering you. You are always the one with full control.

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