Huang Shan Mao Feng


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      From the Anhui Province's Huang Shan mountain (yellow mountain) this tippy tea is a hand picking of tips plus one leaf. The fuzzy tips and the mountain they are harvested on give this tea its unusual name of "Yellow Mountain Fur Peak". This is one of China's 10 most famous teas.

      According to local legend, a young scholar and a beautiful local girl fell madly in love. A local landowner saw the girl picking tea and wanted her for himself. He forced the girl's parents to make their daughter marry him. On the night before the wedding, the young girl snuck out of the landowners house only to find that the landowner had murdered the scholar. She went to his grave and cried until she became the rain. The scholar's body became a tea tree. The tea has a delightfully complex, floral aroma with a sweet nutty note and a hint of citrus with a long lasting floral aroma. Suitable for multiple steepings.

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    • Variant: 1 oz.

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