Hibiscus Spice Liqueur

Posted on April 04 2014


I can honestly say that the blinding migraine that stopped me from posting yesterday had absolutely nothing to do with the above mentioned liqueur! That being cleared up, let me tell you how this recipe was developed. 

I loved making this and the Hibiscus bitters (posting that one either tomorrow or Monday), because I have Tea and Chi’s extensive herb/spice collection at my disposal. I can look through our stash and try and imagine what each ingredient will bring to final product. Warmth from the cinnamon, spice from the ginger, a hint of freshness from the cardamom and so on. I wonder which ingredient helps with improving ones patience for the month it takes the liqueur to mature?

Hibiscus Liqueur

3 cups 100 proof vodka or grain alcohol

6 tbsp organic hibiscus tea

1 tbsp organic dry ginger Ginger

1 tbsp cinnamon chips

1 tsp cardamom

1 tsp cloves 

1 Nutmeg (cracked into 4-5 pieces) (we stock this and I promise to add it to website this weekend)

1 tsp organic Assam

2 cups organic sugar

2 cups water


Put everything, except water and sugar, in a glass bottle or jar. Leave for 3 days in a cool, dark spot. On 4th day simmer sugar and water together for a few minutes to make a simple syrup. Strain vodka into a clean bottle (I like to do this through a strainer first and a t-sac or coffee filter next) and add the cooled syrup. Shake well and allow to mature for one month.

We really couldn’t wait so some of it has already been consumed (Still adamantly maintaining migraine had nothing to do with any of this!). I got a text from Chef Michael Glatz two nights ago who used some of it to make a bourbon Manhattan with hibiscus liqueur! Sounds fantastic doesn’t it?

Recipe for Hibiscus Bitters for your favourite cocktails coming at you next.


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